Chicory Options:

This option is best suited where a perennial option is required or may suit your production system. For example, where chicory is to be planted in spring, grazed over the summer and then over sown the following autumn. Chicory will be slower to establish than a brassica crop but will be more persistent and more tolerant of insect damage or potential dry periods. There are less grazing issues with chicory than with Brassica or sorghum crops, but conserving excess forage from chicory is not an option. Chicory is also not suited to all soil types, nor is it suited to areas with high levels of broadleaf summer weeds (dock, in particular). If sown early chicory can be seeded with grass species such as Phalaris or Fescue - if sown late it can also be seeded with a clover species such as white clover or strawberry clover or in some instances red clover. Is suited to irrigation or dryland situations and typically would be over sown with grass (either perennial or annual) in autumn of the year following seeding.

Seeding rate
Six Point 2 -5 High yielding, broad-leaved perennial Chicory bred in NZ. Suits a wide range of soils. Improved disease resistance.
Chico 2 - 5 Slightly faster establishing and therefore earlier grazing – higher first year production but not very persistent generally one-to-3-year option. High quality Summer Forage, improved Winter activity


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