GS Lower South East Perennial Blend

Gambier Seeds Lower SE Perennial Mix includes a complimentary selection of grass  varieties with deeper root systems to assist with persistence. Sub clover varieties offer a range of flowering dates from early to late to cater for a variety of soil types. These can be adjusted to suit specific soil types e.g higher PH.

VARIETY % Description
Holdfast Phalaris (public) 14% Lowest toxicity lvl. Toleratesacidic soil. Persists if rotationally grazed.
Lazuly Cocksfoot (SF) 7% Soft leaf oceanic cocksfoot with improved winter activity. Mid-late seasoned with good persistence.
Summadorm Cocksfoot (BAR) 7% Replaces Kasbah. True summer dormancy for persistence.
Finesse Q Fescue (SF) 19% Soft-leaf with high palatability to all stock types. Densely tillered.
VPR (public) 24% Drought tolerant. Very persistent. Standard endophyte.
Trikkala Sub clover 10% Tolerates heavier soils. Good Winter/early Spring growth.
Leuara Sub Clover 10% Winter Spring active. Excellent late season growth. Hard sd.
Seaton Park Sub Clover 10% Prefers light, acid neutral soils. Winter active.