Medics, are self-regenerating annual clover varieties that grow in autumn, winter and spring. Medics will thrive in lower rainfall regions and are well adapted to coastal regions, high pH and slightly acid soils. Medics will regenerate readily if allowed to set seed and will provide large volumes of palatable forage which can be grazed or cut for hay/silage.

Variety Sowing Rate Attributes
Sava 4 - 8 Tolerates alkaline soils, excellent winter production and very hard seeded.
Silver 4 - 8 Suited to neutral/alkaline soils of sandy loam nature. Mid maturing variety, with upright growth habit. Goldstrike treatment only.
Caliph 4 - 8 Early flowering variety, suited to clay/loam soils of a neutral to alkaline nature. Available as Goldstrike treatment only.
Sultan - SU 4 - 8 Best suited to clay-loam soil types, first barrel medic with tolerance to SU herbicide residues, early maturing.
Lynx 4 - 8 Suits low to medium rainfall, 100 days to flowering. Neutral to Alkaline soils. Strong winter production. Goldstrike treatment only.
Paraggio 4 - 8 Performs well on a range of soil types, good early vigour, provides quality for grazing and hay production.
Cavalier 4 - 8 Excellent option where sub clovers won’t persist due to high pH. Spineless burr will not catch in sheep’s wool. Excellent winter production, reliable regeneration.
Scimitar 4 - 8 Suited to a wide range of soil types. Good persistence with high hard seed content.
Bindaroo 4 - 8 Low rainfall specialist with high hard seed levels. Best suited to alkaline sandy and loamy soil types. Will handle grazing while setting seed without losing seed production.