Italian Ryegrass

These short lived varieties generally last from 2-3 years under irrigated conditions. In our harsh dryland summer situation, rarely do we see these varieties persist beyond the first year. Some growers have used these varieties as a long season annual to guarantee some later season production if spring rains are plentiful.

Variety Heading Dates Sowing Rates Attributes
Boom +11 10 - 20 Very leafy variety, good winter/spring production, dryland over sow option.
Accelerate +11 10 - 20 Higher feed quality than most Italians, higher ME & lower NDF tested throughout entire growing season, strong summer production and second year recovery where season permits.
Maverick G2 +17 10 - 20 Suited for high quality silage, very good disease resistance and persistence, best suited to rotational grazing. High summer forage quality with excellent heat tolerance.
Knight +19 10 - 20 Strong autumn and winter yields, good tolerance to rust, ideal for late high quality silage and hay production.
Appeal _28 10 - 20 New very persistent and high yielding Italian ryegrass which produces high quality forage. Very palatable and won’t cause staggers.
Grunt +17 15 - 25 Strong year round performer, rapid establishing, genuine 2 year option under irrigation.
Dual +23 15 - 25 60% perennial 40% Italian. Strong 2-3 year option if moisture permits. Excellent high quality late season production.
Mona +28 15 - 25 Out of DLF breeding program, Excellent long season production.