Cocksfoot is a perennial grass that is largely suited to free draining soils. Cocksfoot should be kept well grazed to maximize animal production and represents excellent value for money due to the large amount of seeds per kg and low sowing rates. Cocksfoot breeders have worked hard to increase palatability and some excellent productivity gains have been made. Cocksfoot is a truly persistent grass which is very underrated in a perennial system especially when summer rainfall events occur. Recent breeding has lead to new summer dormant varieties that have shown very good persistence in lower rainfall conditions.

Variety Sowing Rate Attributes
Summer Active Types    
Treposno 1 - 3 Suit acid soils, excellent summer, autumn and spring production. Hardy perennial grass and very suitable Porto replacement. Offers excellent value for money.
Kainui 1 - 3 Finer & softer leaves, highly palatable and high yielding variety, very strong root development for persistence over dry summers.
Lazuly 1 - 3 Soft leaf oceanic cocksfoot with improved winter activity. Sow at higher rates to produce a fine, dense and soft sward.
Vision 1 - 3 Good all round production, higher rainfall option, suited to well drained soils.
Winter Active/Summer Dormant Types    
Uplands 1 - 3 Hispanica cocksfoot suited to 400mm+. Semi dormant over summer to maximize persistence. Fine leaved and densely tillered. High stock acceptance.
Aurus 1 - 3 Continental cocksfoot with good drought tolerance. Upright growth habit with parentage from Uruguayan and French genetics.
Summadorm 1 - 3 An early maturing variety with strong winter production. Goes very dormant in summer to aid in persisting through extended hot and dry periods.