Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass is the backbone of many hay/silage and grazing mixes across the South East and Western Victoria. Annual ryegrass offers fast and affordable forage with varieties ranging from early to very late, so there is definitely a variety available to suit your needs.

Variety Sowing Rate Regrowth Potential Maturity Attributes
Safeguard 10 - 20 Good Very Early Annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT) resistant, strong winter growth, prolific re-seeding variety.
Wimmera 2 - 5 Poor Early Excellent regeneration in light sandy soils, shows some salt tolerance, good low rainfall option.
Fuze 10 - 20 Excellent Late Fast establishment, densely tillered with fine leaves. Excellent late season production.
Betta Tetila 15 - 25 Poor Early Very aggressive winter growth, excellent option where spring rain is unreliable. Very reliable producer in all conditions.
Adrenalin 15 - 25 Good Mid High winter yields, excellent late season quality, capable of several grazings or cuts.
Prine 15 - 25 Excellent Mid/Late Prolific winter production with the ability to go late into spring/early summer if moisture permits. Has been benchmark for production in our region since being introduced 4 years ago, also an excellent re-seeding variety.
Jivet 15 - 25 Good Mid/Late Slightly later than the old Winterstar, exceptional feed quality, excellent rust and disease resistance.
Ascend 15 - 25 Excellent Late Winterstar 2 replacement, bred to have more winter production and maintain late season quality.
Dash 15 - 25 Excellent Very Late Very fast establishing annual, bred for high winter production with late finishing quality. Very late heading variety will offer multiple high quality hay/silage cuts.