Alkaline Flats Blend

Alkaline flats vary in pH from 7 – 9. These areas tend to get heavy and waterlogged during the winter months. Soils range in colour from black to dark grey loams. Once established, phalaris and fescue can tolerate long periods of inundation and this makes them the ideal choice for soils of this type. If a soil test of a paddock shows a pH higher than 7.8 you would be advised to take the sub clover out of the mix and replace with extra medic and persian clover. ‘Phalaris staggers’ can be more prevalent on alkaline flats, so management of phalaris based pastures is very important. Advice should be sort, but grazing techniques and cobalt can protect against phalaris staggers.

Sub clover 25%
Phalaris 20%
Summer active fescue 15%
Medic 10%
Persian clover 10%
Chicory 10%
Strawberry clover 5%
Winter active fescue 5%
Sow @ 12 - 15kg/ha