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What a fantastic time to be involved in Agriculture!!! Strong livestock prices have driven the demand for pasture seed with a concerted effort being made by switched on producers to push on farm production. Compounding this demand is the recent rise in farm values which means it is no longer acceptable to have expensive land not producing forage which can then finish sheep and cattle or put extra litres of milk in vats! It is great to see farmers are realising the value of investing in better pastures to guarantee livestock are finished properly to attract premium pricing.

There have been ongoing shortages in pasture seed supply around Australia and the world over the past few years, but hopefully the good spring this season supplies won’t be as tight?

At Naracoorte Seeds we have continued to invest in our storage and dispatch facilities to ensure we can mix and inoculate as efficiently as possible to guarantee fast turn around times. The addition this season of a fuji robotic palletising machine has taken our production capabilities to the next level.

Improved ryegrass and cereal cultivars offer genuine graze and grain options which are proving to be invaluable to all livestock enterprises. We continue to work with proprietary seed companies as well as export contacts to bring the most suitable forage options to our region to ensure there is a forage plant suitable for all enterprises.

Naracoorte Seeds has stuck with the tried and true “Fresh Coat©” system of inoculating legume seed on demand as we believe it is still the best system for producers to get the best establishment and legume content into their pasture. Fresh inoculation applies live, rhizobia strains directly onto the seed which ensures the maximum amount of nitrogen nodules on the plant and therefore available to the pasture. We now have 3 inoculation bowls to ensure we keep up with demand expected from producers keen to ensure they have the most productive and persistent pastures available to them.

We are proud to bring our latest pasture book and will always welcome any feedback we receive and as always we endeavor to live up to our reputation as “The Seed Professionals”!

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