Naracoorte Seeds was established in 1962 as an outlet for Pasture Seed & Grain and remains one of the few independent, privately owned Seed Companies operating in Australia. We are the leading stockist and supplier of public and proprietary varieties of seed for use in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria.

Contract seed production and multiplication of many public and proprietary pasture seed varieties has also been a big part of our business. To guarantee we have seed available year in, year out we use experienced and reliable growers with proven track records.


South Australia Seed Marketers is the export arm of Naracoorte Seeds. It was established in 1988 to operate as the pasture seed trading and export arm of the company. Now South Australian Seed Marketers is one of the largest public pasture seed suppliers to the export market and are especially strong in Lucerne, Haifa White Clover, Sub Clover and Annual Clovers, with sales to the Middle East, United States of America, China, Europe and South Africa being our main export destinations.



A share of Ag Consult was purchased in 2015 to compliment the production side of the business. Ag Consult produces vegetable seeds such as Chinese Mustard seed, Chinese Cabbage seed, Sugar Peas and Carrot seed for the export market.

Our team

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