Soil Testing

Soil Testing is vital to determine the fertility profile of your paddocks so that a fertiliser program can be customised to correct the deficiencies identified. Nutrients are depleted at a surprising rate, especially in intensive fodder production environments. Keeping track on fertility and correcting shortfalls with the timely application of the appropriate fertiliser ensures that production levels are maintained.

We recommend that each paddock is tested at a minimum of every 3 years.

Basic test includes P, K, S, pH, Ec, OC levels and is the preferred option for established areas to see where your paddocks are at.

More tests over a site – i.e. 2 per small pivot and 4 for big pivot give much better picture of what is going on with the major nutrients present. There are multiple cores taken per submitted sample to ensure that the cross section of the paddock is represented and we take these the old fashioned way (by walking) so we know where the probe is taking a core each time.

Soil Sampling, lab analysis and postage is included in the price per test.

Detailed report with recommendations charged separately.

Comprehensive Soil testing (Standard plus trace elements, exchangeable cations can also be performed.

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