Forage Brassica Blend options:

Blends containing Brassicas only

These blends are formulated based on Brassica species only, using cultivars that have performed well in this area and are compatible when mixed. Targeted for use where brassicas have previously formed part of summer forage rations, they can be mixed with oats ryegrass or millet depending on the situation and the rate can be varied. There are two options:

The Basic blend which provides a very cost-effective option for large areas or where fertility and inputs available may not be optimised.

The High-quality blend contains cultivars chosen specifically for their total yield and quality forage produced. This blend requires higher inputs and more controlled grazing to optimise total production.

Basic Brassica Blend

Contains: 1.5 kg Australian Purple Top turnip, 2.5 kg Winfred
Options: An economic fast-growing forage option the rate of each can be altered depending on the use.  MTP giving the late option of grazing the turnip base.
Seeding timing: October – December
Days to grazing: 10-14 weeks
Seeding Rate: 4 kg combined Rate
Price: Call for pricing
Target use: Good quality forage with likely multiple grazing depending on season.  Good for all classes of stock.  Look at the possibility of adding hay and straw to the ration as required. With the MPT there is a slightly longer time period to maturity to allow the bulb to establish.

High Production Brassica Blend

Contains: 2 kg Chico Chicory & 3 kg Winfred
Options: The Millet can be added into this mix to give more bulk to the ration especially if there was no option of supplying hay or straw to the livestock ration.
Seeding timing: October – December
Days to grazing: 8-10 weeks
Seeding Rate: 5kg/ha of the forage mix - if adding in millet decrease the brassica/chicory population
Price: Call for pricing
Target use: This is a highly digestible feed option so would be looking at high production cows or young stock looking at high weight gains and finishing systems.  If using for high production cows it would be recommended to strip graze the forage and offer hay / or straw as a part of their ration.