C4 (Sorghum / millet) Options

These options are best suited for late planting onto ground with adequate soil moisture –heavy soil or late   country. For the Mount Gambier region sorghum is a generally grown under irrigation. These options need to have soil temperature at a minimum of 12° but generally 15° or higher. If planting early you need to select a variety with cooler temperature tolerance, none of these variety options are tolerant to frosts so it is critical to not commence planting until after Frost period has finished. Options can be selected to accompany Brassica crops or generally in the case of sorghum’s are planted on own or with clover component for hay or direct grazing.

Seeding rate kg / ha
Shirohie Millet 10 kg.ha dryland

15 kg/ha irrigation

Main dryland option due to price. Good fibre source and palatable during early growth. Will tend to lose forage quality as plant matures and stems become thicker. Use a higher rate for irrigation or heavier soil capable holding saw moisture. Needs to be sown with Brassica or legume (clover) to provide protein source to optimise utilisation.
Sprint 8kg/ha dryland

15-25 kg/ha irrigation

Sudan grass cross, tending more to sorghum than Sudan grass options like better graze, so when temperature of soil rises above 14° and frost risk is minimal. Produces high quality forage with good sugar levels in leaves and can be planted on own for direct grazing or cutting for hay or silage. History of growing and performance in our region.
BMR Mustang 8kg/ha dryland

15-20kg/ha irrigation

Mid maturity hybrid sorghum x Sudan with the BMR gene for reduced lignin & high-quality feed